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5 things that are must for every saas company

a saas company

Every saas company needs to set up the basics right to increase retention and decrease churn. Providing an amazing tool and not providing enough information around it leads your prospect to guess about your service. And why would you do that when you can take a few steps to understand your prospects better and take steps to increase returns. So here are the must set up 5 things are must set up for every saas company:

1. Behaviour analyst tool:

Being a saas company, you need to make sure that you understand how your visitors and customers interact with your website. What tools they use the most, which part of the blog they skipped, how many times they scrolled through the page before clicking on the CTA button. And not only this, in case a bug occurs, you can also check the recorded history and understand the issue in-depth. You can even set up some tools to automatically detect the bug and notify you about the same. Integrate such tools and get heat maps and website recordings, and use your data wisely.

2. Conversational relationship platform:

Well, how do you communicate with the visitors on your profile? Yes, the answer is through a website live chat tool. A conversational relationship platform not only enables you to chat, but you can also send in-app messages, run campaigns, and get your conversation insights. Moreover, you can also set up an automated chatbot to answer your customers even when your team has taken their time off.

3. Help center:

You might be like, I have an amazing UI, and I don't need an help centre to direct my customers about using the software. So let me break this for you. Being a saas company no matter how easy the UI is, understanding the usage of different tools is essential. So let's say you have a tool to add comments, but your customer might be unaware that they can tag a team member, and they will be notified via email. If you don't mention it in the HD, it might always remain a hidden feature for your customers. And not to mention, it also helps you build a strong SEO. 4. CRM portal:

How do you exactly keep track of the leads coming in, their status, which is uncharged, what plan they are interested in, what communication has been done with them?

The list is endless here. Not using an effective CRM portal can lead to increased churn rates, loss of quality leads, and lack of follow-ups. A CRM tool helps manage the customer's data and gives you the power to use this data to your advantage. 5. Blog:

Honestly, I don't even see a point in mentioning why you need a blog. It's simple to add value and generate results while building a strong SEO. Blog is a great platform to generate quality leads and being a saas tool, organic reach leaves. much higher impact.

While writing your next blog, do remember to hire a good copywriter who can help provide you with SEO rich blogs. Also, building a solid SEO takes time, and you need patience and consistency to do it.

If even any one of these sounds unfamiliar to you, I would strongly recommend you rethink the setups you have done to date. I hope you found this helpful and will use this in your company to grow even further.


Hey, I am Shivanshi Bhatia. I am a copywriter specializing in saas companies. I can help you to write compelling sales copy, website content, blogs, email copywriting, and much more.

My focus is to generate more eyeballs of your correct TG.

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