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6 best chrome extensions for bloggers [Dec 2021 UPDATED]

Don't just work hard. Work smart.

Work hard on content and work smart in organizing content.

In simple words, why spend more time on things that we can do very quickly with the help of tools.

Blogging tools are designed to help you create more focused content, and they do all grammar and sentence formation.

Are you a blogger?

And you want to create an impact on readers with your blogs.

For this, be inclined towards content, and rest, tools will take care of it.

These tools will help you with your writing, and you will go beyond your blogging skills and make it more awesome.

Check out these cool 6 chrome extensions that will make your workflow smooth and fast.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most famous writing tool available for free, and it helps you with grammar checking and sentence formation. Using Grammarly makes you write explicit and compelling content that impacts the readers.

Grammarly chrome extension for bloggers

2. Hunter

Hunter helps you find email addresses from anywhere on the internet. It extracts the email address from the webpage you are visiting and saves them. Finding emails is easy with this tool, as you need to search for them exhaustively.

Hunter chrome extension for bloggers

3. Forest

It is a productivity chrome extension that you can use to manage and use your time effectively. It increases your productivity while you are working on creating content. Using forest, you can break your tasks into smaller time periods, and it will help you do more in less time.

Forest chrome extension for bloggers

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a famous keyword research tool that helps you find more relevant keywords to target for your upcoming blogs. It shows you the keyword with the number of monthly searches and related topics to create more content for your audience. You also can find the strategies that your competitors use to rank in Google.

Ubersuggest chrome extension for bloggers

5. Check my links

Check my links is a chrome extension built extensively for content writers and developers. It is a link checker that scans your whole webpage and looks for broken links in it. It will highlight all the broken links on your web page, and you can easily change them.

check my links chrome extension for bloggers

6. Similar web

The Similar Web is an all-in-one website checker that tells you about your web page's statistics. It will tell you about your web page's analytics from the number of clicks you get to monthly traffic on your web page.

Similarweb chrome extension for bloggers

We hope that these extensions will help you and make your time productive. Now, I think you will put out your best content more often.

Share your favorite chrome extensions. Add it to the comment below

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