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Use these 7 Copywriting Hacks to write compelling content

Writing a good copy is as important as finding a good partner. And it seems impossible if you are focusing on the wrong things and getting no results.

Why would you invest in a copy or a person who doesn't provide you value?? Okay. Instead, I would state it as an expense. So why spend when you can invest?

While writing a copy, do you behave like one of those lost kids in a mall who has no idea about what to do but is just roaming?

And you are constantly thinking about what will make your content stand out and convert it like crazy?

Honestly, there is no single trick for it. (If you find one, let's chat over a coffee).

But.........But............. Some content writing hacks can surely help you to reach closer to your goal.

This article talks about a few of them.


What you do today can improve all your tomorrows

So while writing your next copy, remember to create a checklist and make sure you are ticking all these content writing hacks.

1. Talk about them more.

The first hook of a compelling copy is that you might not even consider as a hook is your focus on your customer and their needs.

How is this even a copywriting hack?

Imagine you telling a prospect about the benefits and features of your product or service, "another sales copy" this is what they will think, and the chances are high that they might choose to ignore your message.

Instead, state their concerns, hopes, challenges, and needs. They are likely to be engaged with you more. Remember that people love to talk about themselves. And why would you want to miss on this when it can help you to create relatable content.

2. Have a specific and clear Call To Action(CTA).

Do not have more than one CTA. It will just confuse your audience.

Let's say you are offering a guide about writing high converting email subject lines, then solely focus on stating the benefits of downloading the guide, not on other actions like booking a call or buying another product.

Focused CTA gives a clear direction to the audience and increases the conversion rate.

Your copy fails if the customer has read the entire copy and doesn't know what to do next.

Make your intentions clear the universe does not respond to uncertainty.

3. Write how you would talk.

Gone are the days when you would talk like a computer. Now you should sound like a human and make the content like you are communicating to your audience.

It creates an illusion that a person is talking to them and trying to help using their product or service and not just selling.

While being creative with writing and using content writing hacks do not forget to sound who you are (Human!! I am not going to refer to your personality traits here).

Think about the tone and language your prospects talks in and make sure that you are using these words in your copy.

Like, when a prospect visits your website, they want to know how your service is different from others. Then use a sentence like "We have been in this sector for the past 5 years and these have been our results and .....".

Use the words they would use and answer the questions they would ask. The simpler you make it for them easier it will be to connect with them.

4. Write a rhyme.

A study of Birds of a Feather Flock Conjointly proves that poetic tone changes our perception of accuracy. So using rhyming words will make your copy look more appealing and gaining the reader's trust.

This 2021 holi advertisement by Parachute Advanced "Yeh Holi Nahi Yeh War Hai" is a brilliant copywriting example(Not to mention a great hack too). It beautifully uses rhyming words and a poetic tone to promote its product.

5. Keep it simple.

With so much data around us, a lot of information is already reaching your prospects. In today's world, an average person is roughly exposed to 6,000 to 10,000 ads every day,

Your message is just another message displayed to your target audience.

In the middle of so much information, a complex message will only decrease its effectiveness for your prospect.

Nothing!!!!!! I repeat, nothing beats simplicity.

What do you think of this email by Zomato?

Zomato email copywriting hack

This is a surpassing copywriting example of a simple yet engaging design. Not much use of text but, the message is crisp and clear. The purpose here is to inform and engage the reader and then make them take action. A simple design eliminates the factor of making things complicated in the reader's mind.

6. Focus on headline.

According to a study, the chances of a customer taking action are highest in the first paragraph and decreases with every additional paragraph.

If you still think your headline doesn't matter. I would suggest you rethink till the time you end up believing me.

The headline is the first thing your prospect reads in your copy.

Be it an email, a blog, or a Google ad. Headline plays a very significant role.

Okay, so try connecting it with the fifth hack- keep it simple. With the increasing information, readers' focus on your content stays for a notably short period. So make the first glance interesting for wanting them to engage more.

Tip: While writing the headline for your next copy, use Sharethrough to know how engaging the headline is.

7. Make it personal.

What would you prefer?? A box of chocolates or a poem written by your friend just for you??

Most people would choose a poem. I would pick a poem too.

You know why???

The answer is simple.

Because it is just for you, and no one else is going to get it.

Similar logic is valid while writing a copy as well.

So use words like I, you, we and us, to make the copy look personal. Even if you are targeting a large set of audiences, try to make it look personal.

See this example from Swiggy. It focuses on words like WE and YOU. Even though thousands of their customers must have received this email, it gives a glance of being written specifically for me.

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BONUS: While writing an email, refer to for some amazing content writing hacks and copywriting tips.

The list is endless here, share some of your favourite copywriting hacks in the comments below.


Hey. I am Shivanshi Bhatia.

I am a copywriter and a content writer. I can help you to write compelling sales copy, copywriting blogs, seo content writing, email copywriting, and much more. My focus for copywriting in advertising is to generate more leads.

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