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Hubbler: SaaS Review (1/∞)

I can talk for hours about why SaaS got a sudden boost after the lockdown, but I would prefer to leave it for some other day. And for now, I will focus on a more result-oriented thing: Reviewing SaaS products.

The first product I want to uncover is:

Hubbler, The future of personalized business applications

Hubbler SaaS Review

Table of content:

1. Introduction

2. Pricing

3. Review

4. Competitors

5. Is it for you?


Hubbler is a no-code platform built with a perspective to let enterprises build powerful apps to automate their unique business processes. It allows businesses to automate their processes in 3 simple steps:

  1. They understand your current business process and design a customized workflow for your business.

  2. You choose features, add rules, customize the interface and automate tasks to fit best with your business needs.

  3. You get your customized app ready.

hubbler SaaS Review

Or you can also pick from their customizable, ready-to-use apps.


Hubbler aims to provide businesses with software that is made specifically for them. They provide a set of 6 solutions that are further customizable as per your needs.

  • Asset Lifecycle Management

  • Procure to Pay

  • Lease Management

  • Expense Management

  • Help Desk

  • WFH Suite

Deployment and Support

Support: Deployement:

✔️ Email/ Help Desk ✔️ Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

✔️ FAQ's/ Forum ✔️ Desktop- Mac

✔️ Phone Suppory ✔️ Desktop- Windows

✔️ Chat ✔️ Mobile- Android

✔️ Mobile - iPhone

Training: ✔️ Mobile- iPad

✔️ In-person

✔️ Live Online

✔️ Documents


The company provides easy integration with your legacy systems like ERP, CRM, accounting systems, and other systems.

Hubbler gives you the power to seamlessly integrate with all of them and automate multiple manual and repetitive tasks, making the process cycle faster and cost-efficient.

Hubbler SaaS review


Being a highly personalized application; instead, a combination of personalized applications, interface, and features; Hubbler's pricing is strictly decided upon the basis of your needs. You can get in touch with their team to know more.


As the application is only for registered users, trying the app without getting in touch with the sales team becomes impossible. So I have collected the feedback from different platforms and will give an overall rating.

Hubbler app is available on both ios and android and this is what people have to say:

Play Store

Saas review Hubbler, Play Store

App Store

Saas review Hubbler, App Store


Hubbler offering a little-explored service has a few direct and a few indirect competitors:

  1. Negotiatus

  2. DocuVantage OnDemand

  3. SpikeFli Analytics

  4. CloudBlue PSA

  5. Pipefy

  6. Multiview ERP

Is it for you?

If you are a small company with a limited number of employees and vendors, Hubbler can act as an additional cost for you. Taking into consideration the average money that you need to invest, this wisely.

And, if you are a large organization with hundreds of employees and vendors, this application automates a lot of your manual work and leaves you with more time for business development.


Every week I will be reviewing one SaaS product and if you are one of those who loves to increase their productivity using these smart tools, subscribe and stay tuned, I will see you in your inbox (just once every week). I will keep it exclusive.

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