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Women, an easy target: The undiscussed impact of Covid-19

The world is currently going through a challenging phase. A phase where we all are trying to accept that we are losing our close ones or people close to the people we know.

But this doesn't change the fact of some spinless creatures taking advantage of the situation.

Yes, I am saying it from a personal experience, and no, this is not about financial frauds or anything related to money. It is about the gender who is always attacked, no matter what the situation is.


The world sees us as a soft target and uses us to satisfy their underlying ego and keep the fun alive in their lives.

Why are we always attacked in every situation?

Why raping a woman to take revenge on her family is the norm?

Why abusing someone's mother or sister to have an upper hand in an argument is considered cool.

Just like every other woman out there, I was attached to.


Because I was trying to help a friend.

So, my best friend's grandmother is in the hospital and was in immediate need of oxygen. I was helping her by contacting leads and asking if they can help us with oxygen cylinders refilling.

From a database, I came across a person who asked me to pay 50% advance and said he will then home deliver the service.

I clearly told him that the full amount will be paid at the time of delivery, and he instantly agreed. I then said that my friend will reach out to him soon and share the needed information.

Seems like a simple communication, right?

But hell no, he said something obscene, which I would not even like to mention here. And I instantly cut the call.

Though, with time I have somehow gotten used to the fact of ignoring such people. But it did hit me for a few moments and will remain with me forever.

See, I was in a stable mind situation with no risk of losing a close one. Handling the condition was easier for me.

But, how easy is it for a daughter who is dealing with stress and fear of losing her mother?

This conversation would have added to her anxiety and made her decision of asking for help difficult. Be it on call or on social media these faceless creatures are living right between us.

One topic I believe is left untouched during these times is how women are attacked when they ask for help.

"The undiscussed impact of covid 19 on women".

Because let's be honest, saying something without showing your face is easy, and anyone can do it. It takes guts to speak when everyone knows who you are.

As a woman, I see a big loophole in society.

Even when two men are fighting, they bring each other's female family members in between the conversation.

When one abuses someone's sister, the other guy abuses his mother.

You see, there is no difference between these two guys. They both are the same, irrespective of who started it first. Both saw women as a soft target and their honor as something they can comment on.

So next time you see a guy or a girl degrading someone in the name of their mother, sister, girlfriend, or any of their close female, make sure you show them a mirror and tell them that they are behaving like a complete asshole and need to change this attitude.

And girls, make sure you respect yourself and the females around you enough to take a stand for them and not against them.

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